Just a quick one

Matt’s already asleep, which I didn’t expect since it’s the night before we travel again for the first time in over 14 months.

There are many reasons we’re champing at the bit to get moving – some of them predictable (this is not what we left Wisconsin for), some of them less-expected (gather any group of people together for a given length of time and you’ll eventually be living in Lord of the Flies).

At the same time, it’s slightly bittersweet. We have made friends here we will miss greatly, but there’s always the hope to see each other again back here at the co-op or (better yet) on the road somewhere in the great beyond.

I’ve been looking at the “humdrum” landscape with an eye toward remembering it while we travel. It became humdrum through familiarity, not through any fault of its own, and I know there are views and sounds I will miss. I will definitely miss the rare smell of rain in the desert (although the weather forecast today is predicting actual rain for the next five or more days because of course it is). I will miss far less the propane/cabbage fart smell of the Permian basin in full production.

Here’s to anticipation of the roads ahead and appreciation of the friends just up the road.

4 thoughts on “Just a quick one”

  1. The road less travelled is always the most interesting, to me.
    And enjoyable with good company. Do you and Matt listen to audio books on the road?
    We do, helps pass the boring times. . .
    Safe travels.

  2. On the road again…yay! We are still settling in. Weather is cool and springlike. We may get an overnight frost or freeze this week.

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