Getting ready to go (again)

Winter at Lakewood
Not exactly what we’d planned

Despite the fact that we left Wisconsin October 8, 2019, we’ve really only been “nomads” for about a month – we had 29 travel days and over 100 non-travel the first four months after we left. After that, we sat for over another year, thanks to COVID and its concomitant restrictions.

This is a mathematical way of saying that as we prepare our RV and our site at The Ranch SKP Co-op for our mid-April departure, we’re also preparing our psyches. It’s a new rig for us – Matt drove it only a few times between Tucson, AZ and Lakewood, NM and neither I nor the dogs have ridden in it – but I think (hope!) it will be less stressful. There was something unnerving about having the fifth-wheel hulking behind us. This rig is not a lot longer than the Class C we had, although we didn’t tow a car behind that.

In addition, I have a much better grasp on what a reasonable daily travel distance is for us as I plan our route. I had overreached considerably for some of our first travel days and we wound up exhausted and stressed (and may have made a bad decision or two as a result).

Overall, we are expecting an easier time of it despite feeling as though we are starting over. We won’t be carrying the disorienting weight of the loss of “home”, having already spent two holiday seasons away from friends and family, and having met new friends on our travels.

Current plans have a few hard-and-fast dates at the beginning and end, but we’re hoping to be more fluid with our plans in between. This will probably be this year’s big challenge, as I’m a committed planner, and Matt is change-averse. Neither trait is conducive to life on the road but we hope to shape ourselves and our path to suit this new way of doing things.

We’re starting off with a couple weeks in Albuquerque to see if we remember how to “city”, but I think the dining and shopping options there will ease the transition. After that, we’re headed to the Grand Canyon where we opted for the First Class and Luxury Class train ride up and back because after the year we (along with everyone else) have had, we deserve it!

From the Canyon to the Vegas area, then on to Sacramento to FINALLY meet our friend Mike’s girlfriend fiancee wife, Kelley (it’s been in the works longer than anticipated), and undoubtedly consume many satisfying brews. After that…*waves hand vaguely north and east*.

Map of current trip plan
It looks kind of ambitious from where I’m sitting…

As ever, feel free to chime in with suggestions!

3 thoughts on “Getting ready to go (again)”

  1. Have fun! Looks like a great adventure. Wine country in Oregon has – well excellent wineries to visit. Idaho is beautiful. There are roadside pull overs where you can picnic along side “one of those mountain stream/rivers”. Frequently we saw RV’s (all sizes) in the various pull overs. Found most areas very dog friendly. Enjoy!

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