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I know I’ve been ridiculously lackadaisical about updating this blog – when we’re doing interesting things, it’s hard to remember to carve out time to write about them and it ends up feeling like I’m bragging instead of informing and I don’t much care for that. When we’re not doing interesting things…who cares?

In any case, we do have some news. We decided to travel from our co-op site in New Mexico to Tucson, to visit friends and spend time in a “real” city for my birthday, as well as get some work done on the RV at Freightliner. The work was scheduled to be done during our visit, but Freightliner pushed it off to the following week, during which the weather took a turn and brought snow and frigid temps to our return route, so we postponed.

As part of our “let’s kill three days living in our car with the dogs while Freightliner does…whatever”, Matt suggested we visit the SKP Co-op in Benson, AZ where we’ve been on the waiting list for a site for a couple years, as well as a private RV park just up the road. (I should add that we were able to stay in our home at night, as Velocity Travel Center where Freightliner is located has a few RV spots with full hookups. We’ve stayed in worse places.)

Yep, we’re relocating our winter base to Benson. As of this writing (02/12/2022), we’re on an unowned site at Arizona Legends RV Resort, waiting to close on our own site here. Closing should take place within the next two weeks, then we need to go back to New Mexico, rent a UHaul, empty our casita, release the site to the co-op, say our farewells, come back to Benson and dump everything in a storage unit until we can get our casita moved here. We figured it’s gotta be cheaper to move it than to order a new casita…right?

Our empty site, where we can keep a close eye on fuel prices at Love’s

What’s the attraction? Access to great dining both highfalutin’ and low-key, excellent grocery options (a French bakery, a Wisconsin-based butcher shop, and an international market, for starters), Arizona wine country, Kartchner Caverns, Saguaro National Forest, Tucson Mountain Park, the Living Desert Museum…all within half-hour drive. Oh, and an airport that has direct flights to and from MKE, should that be necessary.

So we’re balancing getting shit done and having some fun – while also trying to figure out what exactly our upcoming travel season will look like. We have all of June at Dark Sky RV Park, but before and after that?


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