Spring 2021 update

I’ve been really quite remiss in keeping things up to date here – the whole intent of this site was to let folks know what’s going on in our lives without having to resort to Facebook or, heaven forfend, actual direct contact.

It’s been about a month and a half since we hit the road again, and it feels both familiar and like starting over. We’re finally traveling in the new-to-us Class A RV which I find a lot less stressful – somehow the hulking mass of our house in the rear-view of the pickup truck, and the awareness of the pivot point between the two vehicles just stressed me out no end.

Since leaving Lakewood, NM on April 14, we have visited:

  • Santa Rosa, NM – there is no reason to go here
  • Albuquerque, NM – Petroglyph National Monument, got our LIon batteries installed, day-tripped to Santa Fe
  • Holbrook, AZ – Petrified Forest National Park
  • Williams, AZ – barely scratched the surface of the Grand Canyon, day trip to Sedona and Jerome
  • Kingman, AZ – stayed the night in a distillery, Matt was able to convince me to leave in the morning
  • Pahrump, NV – stayed and visited friends at the SKP park there, dined in Las Vegas with other friends, went to Lake Mead one day and Death Valley another (Dante’s View, Twenty Mule Team Canyon, Zabriskie Point, Artists Drive/Palette, Badwater, and the Devil’s Golf Course)
  • Goldfield, NV – a funky little town that we unexpectedly liked so much we stayed a second night, possibly due to wild burro mind control
  • Verdi, NV – attempt #2 at trying Jack in the Box, the record stands
  • Sacramento, CA – visited friends, day trip to Napa, received Amazon deliveries and tried local fare (Ernesto’s, Zocalo, Chando’s, Leatherby’s Ice Cream, amazing farmer’s market finds), didn’t burn up in a grass fire

And tomorrow, June 4, we are heading back up the mountain for another night in Verdi, NV to begin our trek eastward toward the UP and Wisconsin. Perhaps the Jack in the Box will be open this time, but we’re not holding our breath.

We fall asleep in the same bed we’ve been in for a year and a half, but then wake up and ask ourselves, “Where the hell are we now?” There has been a lot less stress of the unknown this time around, though – checking out local grocery stores is now an adventure rather than a stark reminder that we’ve left “home” and nothing is familiar. I suppose it’s because at least the RV is home now after living in it from January 2020 until present day.

Adjustments are still being made, of course, particularly as we transition from being stationary to mobile. It’s been called to my attention that we’d have more storage space inside the rig if perhaps we owned slightly fewer baking ingredients. The self-rising and Wondra were the first to go but I insist on just using up the all-purpose flour, bread flour, cornmeal, and sugars (the white and the browns – light, dark and demerara). Let’s hope Matt doesn’t tally up the vinegars or I’ll have to retaliate and make him inventory his mustards.

One thought on “Spring 2021 update”

  1. Hiya!
    Thanks for the update. I can hear your sighs for smooth sailing.
    Us? We are just emerging from another quarantine, this one voluntary. Adam had TOTAL knee replacement surgery in April. He is just now getting more independent. He will be stronger in the long run. Me? running for more wine. . .

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